Supporting quality grown food farmed for taste is a key strategic platform for Red Tractor Foods®. We take time in sourcing great partnerships with farming families who support the same values. Sourcing partnerships include one of Australia’s leading organic farming families from Western Victoria, Waltanna Farms and Three Farmers from Western Australia. Our oats are sourced from the clean green environment in the Wimmera and Lime Stone Coast regions.



Dedicated and passionate about Australian farming, the Nagorcka family are Australian producers of exceptional quality and proud partners of Red Tractor.  They have been harvesting Oats at Waltanna since 1876 – with their current range of premium Organic Oats being used in Red Tractor products today. 


Based in the town of Hamilton, the Nagorcka’s are well known not only in their region of Western Victoria, but nationwide as best in class primary producers and processors of Flaxseed products – 1st grown in 1946.  From Michael Nagorcka’s own words “Our Golden Flaxseed is one of the world’s healthiest foods. Grown with chemical free farming practices”.


Here at Red Tractor we are proud to use their superior ingredients in our products and to support their farming enterprise. This includes partnering in Australian grown Hemp following legalisation of this highly nutritious food in November 2017.


You can see pictured 4th generation farmer and engineering guru James Nagorcka on the family property in a Waltanna tractor he built!


The delicious, natural goodness of Red Tractor Oats are 100% sourced from Australia’s clean green environment in the Wimmera and Lime Stone Coast.


Red Tractor Oats are milled by an iconic Australian farming business with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing premium Australian Oats and Grains.


The rich, fertile & expansive soils of South Eastern Australia and Western Victoria are a prime growing environment for the highest quality oats and grains. Only superior oat varieties are selected for their taste & nutritional quality delivering the best possible product for you to eat.


Ashley Wiese, Megan Gooding, Garren Knell (pictured below):

We grow quinoa sustainably. What does that even mean?

In short, it means we care. We care about the environment in which our quinoa is grown; we care about the soil (the past, present and future) into which it is grown; and we care about the livelihood of the broader environment: the families whose agricultural livelihoods are sustained by the successful and sustainable commercialisation of our crop.

We grow our quinoa on Australian soil. This is no small thing. Compare the climate of the world’s largest quinoa grower, Bolivia, with ours and you’ll notice they’re very different. We discovered this in our first trial!

There are multiple strains of quinoa, though, so our challenge has been to match the right seed with the right climate for that seed—our climate! It’s how we worked with nature to discover what sustainability looks like under an Australian sun.
Our Quinoa is sun-ripened on our farms to produce seeds of the highest nutritional quality.

Our vertically integrated supply chain is rigorously monitored and audited with potential growers subjecting themselves and their farms to stringent and transparent scrutiny.

We ensure our product is chemical free. Combined with the right seed, the right climate, the right farmers and our Australian sun, we’re energising those who enjoy the goodness of what we’re growing; in Australia and beyond.