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Bacon, Mushroom & Feta Quiche with Quinoa Crust

A great spin on your traditional Quiche. Tri Colour Quinoa is a great source of Fibre and Protein.

Quinoa Crust

2 cups Chicken or Vegetable stock

40g Parmesan, grated

1 Egg, whisked

Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper, freshly ground

Preheat oven to 175°C, grease a 24cm fluted loose bottom flan tin.

Cook the quinoa in the stock for 12-15 minutes or until all of the liquid is absorbed. Allow the quinoa to cool, then season with salt and pepper. Add the grated parmesan and stir through the egg. Then tip into the prepared flan tin and using a spatula or your hands to press the quinoa into an even crust. Cook for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

You can use your favourite quiche recipes for the filling or try our... Bacon, Mushroom and Feta Quiche filling

1 Small Onion, finely diced

200g Smoked Bacon, diced

150g Brown Mushrooms, sliced

100g Feta, crumbled

3 large Eggs

175mls Cream

50mls Milk

Olive Oil

Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper, freshly ground

While the Quinoa crust cooking is, add a splash of olive oil to frying pan and sauté the onion for 3-4 minutes or until translucent, add the chopped bacon and cook for a few minutes, then set to one side. Over the a high heat add some olive oil to the frying pan and pan fry the sliced mushrooms until browned. In a bowl whisk together the eggs, cream, milk, salt and pepper. Let the Quinoa Crust cool slightly before adding the onion, bacon, mushrooms and feta. Then pour over the egg mix and return the flan to the oven. Cook for 30-35 minutes until the filling is golden and cooked. Serve either hot or cold with a fresh salad or wilted spinach. Recipe by My Foodie Coach

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