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Golden Flaxseed from Waltanna Farms, Hamilton


More than 3 generations and 70 years of farming experience and with an eye to progressive farming practices - all chemical free - this farming group provides key ingredients to many of our Red Tractor Food products.

All Red Tractor Golden Flaxseed is sourced directly from Waltanna farms, a family owned business that has been developing and producing Flaxseed crops and products
since 1946.

The Nagorcka family, based in Hamilton, are well known not only in their region of Western Victoria, but nationwide as the primary producers of Golden Flaxseed. Dedicated and passionate about Australian farming the Nagorcka family are Australian producers of exceptional quality.

From Michael Nagorcka’s own words “Our Golden Flaxseed is one of the world’s healthiest foods. Grown with chemical free farming practices”.

Here at Red Tractor we are proud to use their superior ingredient in our products and to support their farming enterprise.

Our aim is to bring the best quality natural ingredients to you with innovation for both healthy and
great tasting foods. Foods that have
no nasties, no numbers and no worries.
A brand that you can trust 100% of
the time, that is farmed for taste.

Start your day
with Red Tractor.


Supporting quality grown food farmed for taste is a key strategic platform for Red Tractor Foods®. We take time in sourcing great partnerships with farming families who support the same values. Sourcing partnerships include one of Australia’s leading organic farming families from Western Victoria, Waltanna Farms and a family of Australia’s first and only pumpkin seed growers, Sharan and Jay Rivett. Our oats are sourced from the clean
green environment in the Wimmera

and Lime Stone Coast regions.

high in Omega 3, high in protein and fibre and as an excellent source of lignans it provides antioxidant benefits.

The Wimmera and Limestone Coast Oats


The delicious, natural goodness of Red Tractor Oats are 100% sourced from Australia’s clean green environment in the Wimmera and Lime Stone Coast.

Red Tractor Oats are milled by an iconic Australian farming business business with
over 40 years of experience in manufacturing premium Australian Oats and Grains.

The rich, fertile & expansive soils of South Eastern Australia and Western Victoria are a prime growing environment for the highest quality oats and grains. Only superior oat varieties are selected for their taste & nutritional quality delivering the best possible product for you to eat.

Australian Pumpkin Seed Company, Alpine Valley Region


All Red Tractor Pumpkin Seed is sourced directly from the family of Australia’s first and only pumpkin seed growers. With heritage from Slovenia, second generation pumpkin seed farmers, Sharan and Jay Rivett, are developing the pumpkin seed industry in the Alpine Valley region of Victoria.

Not to be confused with pepitas, which are cheap imported kernels of pumpkin seeds, the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company specialises in an heirloom variety of whole pumpkin seeds as it has the highest nutritional benefit.

The amazing health benefits of pumpkin seeds has been known throughout history and the reason why so many people are including these nutrient dense seeds into their diets.

The pumpkin seed business started 12 years ago and now Red Tractor are proud to support its development into a sustainable pumpkin seed industry to help it grow and produce healthy nutritious food for all Australians into the future.

Oil rich Styrian pumpkin seeds with Omega 3, 6 and 9, 35% protein and an abundance of zinc, iron, magnesium and other minerals is the focus of their super seed.

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